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    Raymond Evans Real Estate, established in spring 1981 in Denver, CO. in , is all about problem solving and creating solutions with the Seller's needs best outcome.
***Many companies haven’t figured out the difference between a problem solving orientation and an outcome orientation. ***When our Company encounters either problems or success, we stay focused on the clients needs and we make the shift from a problem solving orientation to an outcome orientation.The Results are: the transactions are solved to the delight of our clients !

       Raymond Evans Real Estate, In 1998, opened for business on the West-Coast, at 2200 Union St., San Francisco, CA. 94123 .  We grew with the market, and had a fantastic business prior to the ''free-fall'' of 07-09.  Ray, was elected by his fellow R.E. Brokers as a Director of C.A.R., and served 2008 until resigning by 2010 as Director of California Desert Assn.of Realtors....C.D.A.R.

 Upon Re-Opening our office in Denver, in January '10, and have been actively providing our excellent service concentrated on our
  Client's needs in the Denver, Colorado , or the San Francisco Bay Area. Our exceptional experience level with agents of superior experience and maturity in Colorado and the Northern California as well as our "intimate" knowledge, will definitely work favorably to meet your Real Estate goals...

      We don't profess to have all the answers, however, we are extremely good at Residential and have a staff of successful Realtors waiting to develop your vision. Our knowledge of the Commercial markets: working closely with people qualified for the new & savvy Mortgage Notes, #1031 Exchanges, or simply those wishing to sell or exchange their land or buildings. Our company’s pattern of maintaining a multiple-option outlook and focusing on the desired outcomes, produces a scenario of Excitement & Success with our clientele.

                                   Raymond  Evans , Inc.                                              
                                       COLO:  DRE #10029199
                                       CALIF:  DRE #02140316
                                       Direct: (760) 534.2050
                                       Denver Office: (303) 988-0123, x2420
                                       San Francisco:(415) 617.5733

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